Front-end Web Development

Visual + Graphic Design




Custom WordPress theme, with integrated jQuery libraries, and custom Wufoo forms.

Educator Resources Contest

Extending an existing website built on a custom CMS to accommodate contest submissions and winners.

Accounting firm

Brand logo, site design and mockups for Toronto accountants website.

Week of TED

Pair coding project using the jQuery library and inspired by TED.

Downsizing Services

A one page website for a local Toronto downsizing service business.



HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

Frameworks and Tooling

jQuery, Sass, API integration, Grunt

Content Management

Custom WordPress themes and seemless back-end content management


Responsive and mobile design, accessibiliy, grid layouts, logos and visual design, UX considerations, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Communication and Collaboration

Git and Github, project management tools including Trello and Basecamp, Slack.

Third Party Services

Wufoo, EventEspresso, experimented with WooCommerce.


I recent spent the summer working through the HackerYou bootcamp program polishing my skills with the latest technologies, while building clean and functional websites. I'm now ready to take on challenging and creative projects.

With a background of Computer Science and I spent a couple years working on a Human-Computer Interaction project designing and building a new interface device, using a 3D printer to design and prototype, while writing the code that brought it to life. Following that, I joined a small startup company in the online auction space where I helped launch and manage the Toronto region.

Latest Blog Posts


Four handy tools for front-end developers

For colour, typography and responsive design - these are a few of the tools I like to use in my design and development workflow.


How to Make a Menu Bar With a Dropdown Subnav and Continuous Border

I was inspired to replicate a drop down navigation menu bar with a continuous border, like the one I saw at Blue Bottle Coffee. I'll take you through the steps of my attempt at implementing this technique.

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Currently accepting new projects for the spring and summer months.

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